Coronavirus Quarantine: 30 Days of At Home Work Outs: 30 Days to a Better Life

Despite everything, there is one situation that many people are not used to; isolation. And the changes that isolation brings to their lives. When once people could step out to their gyms, take a walk outside, or head to the local store for supplies, they are now discovering that they are only restricted to using what they have in their homes, or stepping out for emergency visits. It is a strange situation to be in, and affects everyone both on a mental and physical scale.

Here’s where this book comes in. You are going to learn how to lead an active lifestyle during the Coronavirus quarantine. Nearly every piece of advice provided in this book can be used in a plethora of situations. Whether you find yourself at home for extensive periods of time, or you just want to compliment your workout routines with home exercises, you can use the methods prescribed in this book.

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