No Gym Needed: The Beginners Guide to Easy At-Home, Low-Impact Workouts

Ditch The Gym!

So the other day I was talking with my friend, Jenn. She was complaining about how she was SICK of all the stares she was getting at the gym while she was exercising, minding her own business. You see, Jenn has been grossly overweight most of her life. She suffers from diabetes and has ALWAYS struggled with her weight.

She eats well but has always struggled with maintaining any sort of regular exercising, mainly because she hates the gym. When I told her about a system I’d used to lose weight and get healthy WITHOUT the gym, she wanted in!

Whether you’re a diabetic woman, weight-challenged, or suffer from ongoing injuries, figuring out how to start exercising and keeping healthy can be hard, particularly if the gym just isn’t your thing, like Jenn.

How do you get started when you can’t even do the exercises you’ve been told to do BECAUSE they don’t take into account your specific situation?

In this hands-on, easy-to-follow book, I, Lise Cartwright, will show you how you can get the body you want, in 30 minutes or less, without having to step foot in a gym or purchase expensive weights and equipment.

In this how-to guide, you will be given:

  • Simple Exercises to help you build your strength and confidence 
  • Easy 14 and 30-Day Workouts with modifications so that no matter what your current body situation is, you CAN start exercising
  • Lifestyle Hacks that will provide you with ways to stay fit and healthy, no matter what you do on a day-to-day basis

No Gym Needed: The Beginners Guide teaches and shows you how to start a regular exercise program, even if you suffer from injuries or weight challenges. You’ll NEVER set foot in a gym again.

All that’s left to do is take action, follow the steps outlined in the book, and enjoy your new body and lease on life TODAY.

Scroll to the top and click (or tap) BUY NOW and get started. You owe it to yourself to give this a go, just like Jenn did.

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