The Airhook 2.0 - Airline & Vehicle Drink and Device Holder

The Airhook 2.0 – Airline & Vehicle Drink and Device Holder

Product Description


The Airhook 2.0 is the BRAND NEW version of our two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder for a can, cup, or bottle, and a secure mount for an electronics device from a cell phone to large tablet. The Airhook uses the tray table in its vertical and locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally across your lap as a platform.

Many NEW features, including a stabilizer bar that makes setup on the tray table more secure, a convertible mode where the drink holder folds away when not in use, a separate device perch for a full range of viewing angle, and integrated can support. Plus, now you can use in first class, exit rows, and OUT OF THE PLANE! No more sacrificing space! ** Every Unit Includes A Neoprene Travel Pouch **

Universal electronics device holder
Hold airline cup or cans & bottles (up to 16 ounces) with built-in support
Adjustable angles for reclined seats and a better device viewing posture
Great hands-free entertainment for children
Perfect for big and tall travelers
Collapsible for easy storage

Frequently Asked Questions – The Airhook 2.0

Q: What electronic devices are supported?

A: Support all phones and tablets up to 9.5 inches tall (when horizontally) that are 1.5 pounds or less. Yes, iPad and Surface Pro will work! The current max device width is just under one inch (20mm). The cases that we found to be too large were the childproof, thick silicone cases, or those with additional carrying compartments on their backside. In those scenarios, the case may have to be removed once in-flight for best use.

Q: What size beverages can fit?

A: All airline cups + cans and bottles up to 16 ounces using built-in support that can be lowered from The Airhook’s base.

Q: What are the dimensions of The Airhook out-of-package?

A: When folded compact, The Airhook is 5.5 inches long * 4 inches wide * 2.5 inches tall.

Q: Can I use The Airhook in First Class, Bulk Head, and Exit Row seats when the tray table is in the armrest?

A: YES! This version of The Airhook can be used in ‘Standalone Mode’ by simply folding the unit flat and using your device support ledge as you normally would. Please see how-to video for more.

Q: Can I use The Airhook during takeoff and landing?

A: No. Not only is it not safe, it is non-compliant with Stowage Federal Regulations (which is why the tray table must be closed too).

Q: Is The Airhook FAA compliant?

A: Yes, according to the rules in the current Code of Federal Regulations. Please note, it is very important [and the law] to always comply with airline crew member instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions – The Crossbar Vehicle & Luggage Coupling [SOLD SEPARATELY]

Q: What size headrests does The Crossbar work with?

A: Use on headrests that have support bars 7.25 inches apart or smaller.

Q: What size luggage handlebars does The Crossbar work with?

A: Use on luggage handlebars that are 3.5 inches apart or wider.

airhook 2.0airhook 2.0

The Airhook 2.0 for the WIN 🙂

We Were Honored To Win 2019’s Innovation Award For Best New Design For A Travel Accessory! No endorsement of these products by the Travel Goods Association is implied.

The original Airhook was featured on “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” in 2017 and scored the FIRST WIN in Funderdome history! No endorsement of these products by the producers of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”, MGM, or ABC is implied.

A portion of every sale goes to Cancer Research in honor of the inventor’s mother – let’s beat this terrible disease together!


airhook setupairhook setup

Tray Table & Beverage Support Setup Instructions

Step 1: Unlock tray table and lower slightly. Place The Airhook’s tray table anchor over the top of the tray table, close and lock tray table back up.

PRO TIP: Place The Airhook’s tray table anchor as close to the center of the tray table as possible (near its locking mechanism) for the most secure setup.

Step 2: Next, push The Airhook’s front Stabilizer Bar up against the front of the tray table surface.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget this step! This creates the clamping affect needed to prevent a wobbly experience.

Step 3: Adjust Airhook to desired support angle, tighten lower knob until movement is no longer possible.

PRO TIP: You only need to loosen The Airhook’s support knobs by a quarter turn to loosen them.


Do you have any questions we can help with? Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help and please remember to watch our setup video before your first journey. We also have tips listed below for many of the popular U.S. carriers. Thanks!

Device Setup Instructions

airhook setup

airhook setup

airhook setup

airhook setup





Step 4: PLACE electronics device onto Airhook perch and pull device clip over top of device.

Step 5: PUSH rear tension knob.

PRO TIP: Adjust the bungee size for your device before mounting to Tray Table (in your lap) for easier access to rear of device.

Step 6: PULL bungee downward to tighten onto device. Release rear tension button to lock.

PRO TIP: If you adjusted this in advance or are using a repeat device, simply pull bungee over the top of your electronics device.

Step 7: POSITION device perch to desired viewing angle, tighten upper knob until movement is no longer possible.

airhook tray setupairhook tray setup

Tray Table Scenario Setup Tips

Standard Tray Tables [American, Southwest, Delta, United]: Place as close to the center locking mechanism as possible.
Double Folding Tray Tables [American]: We extended the anchor on The Airhook 2.0 to accommodate. Use unrestricted.
Curved Tray Tables [Alaska, Virgin]: Place as close to the center locking mechanism as possible, The Airhook can not be used on the outside heavily curved areas.
Half Tray Tables [Frontier]: Standalone mode only. Lower tray table and insert The Airhook’s tray table support between the tray table and the support bar.
Upper Magazine Rack [Alaska]: Place as close to the center locking mechanism as possible.
Seat-Back Monitors [Virgin]: Your entire setup will be outside of the seat’s ‘screen area’. Use without restrictions.

First Class, Bulk Head, and Exit Row [All Airlines]: Standalone mode only. Fold flat, use device perch to hold device only. Please see additional tips below on standalone setup.

ADDED Setup Features: Convertible Mode & Standalone Mode

Convertible Standalone Modes AirhookConvertible Standalone Modes Airhook

Convertible Mode: Beverage support now folds flush against your tray table for even more legroom! Simply loosen both support knobs and push cup holder and against the tray table surface. You will need to reset your viewing and then tighten both knobs back up.

PRO TIP: To return to drink support, loosen both support knobs and pull cub holder back to level, then re-tighten both knobs. It may be easier to take your device our first and install it again using the standard setup instructions.

Standalone Mode: Use your Airhook on any flat surface! We designed the bottom to be flush, to use fold flat as if you were going to store in your carry-on, then bungee your device on the device perch and set your desired angle. Voila!

PRO TIP: If your device weight is causing The Airhook to lean, extend the Airhook’s tray table anchor fully backwards and it will to create a larger support base.

UNIVERSAL DEVICE HOLDER – Supports cell phones & tablets + Adjustable Angle for reclined seats.
BUILT IN BEVERAGE SUPPORT – Fold down drink holder with space for a cup, can, or bottle (up to 16 ounces).
COMPACT – The Airhook folds down to the size of a wallet and comes with a Neoprene Travel Pouch for easy storage.
HANDS-FREE ENTERTAINMENT – Perfect for parents flying with children or anyone who wants to watch their device at eye level + the new Convertible Mode allows for an even better viewing experience.
GOODBYE NASTY TRAY TABLE SURFACE – Avoid the #1 germ catcher on an airplane, the surface of your tray table!. See more information

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