TOTU USB-C 4K@30Hz Triple Display Docking Station with Charging Support for Macbook Pro & Windows USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C Systems (2 HDMI,DP,7 USB Ports, 60W USB PD),NOT for macOS Extended Display

TOTU USB-C [email protected] Triple Display Docking Station with Charging Support for Macbook Pro & Windows USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C Systems (2 HDMI,DP,7 USB Ports, 60W USB PD),NOT for macOS Extended Display

To use this product the host USB-C port from your device must support DisplayPort Alt Mode and Power Delivery
Use HDMI2.0/DP1.4 or above cables for optimum performance

USB 3.1 Type-C Overview
USB Type-C has a new feature called Alternate Modes which allows you to use non-USB connections with the USB-C cable and connection.Your device automatically uses the appropriate mode if it’s supported

Display connection be limited

Make sure the device you’re connecting to is supported and that you’re using the right cable

DisplayPort connection might not work
Try using a different cable

Try these solution
Make sure your device and cable supports the same USB-C features as the TOTU docking station
Make sure the docking station is connected directly to your host device
Make sure the docking station is connected to the USB-C port on your host device that supports the correct Alternate Mode
For example if you’re connecting a USB 3.1 Gen2(Type C) Alt Mode device make sure you connect to the USB-C port that supports Displayport alt mode and power delivery

Possible causes
The docking station you connected to has new features for USB-C that your host device or connect cable doesn’t support
The docking station isn’t connected to the correct USB-C port on your host device
The device is using an external hub or dock to connect to the docking station
Too many other Alternate Mode devices or dongles are connected to your host device

Audio/Mic Remind
Plug in this USB C Docking Station sometimes will change the default Audio output device to Docking Station which means your laptop speakers will not work anymore
To make your laptop speaker work please change in your laptop OS setting the audio output device back to laptop speakers

USB Accessories Disabled Solutions
If you experiencing the problem
Solution 1 Please unplug and re-plug
Solution 2 Reset the SMC of your device

Compatibility: Please make sure that your laptop Type C port support displayport alt mode and power delivery. All external displays show same content but macOS laptop has different content in EXTEND MODE.. All external displays including macOS laptop show same content in Mirror Mode. The TOTU dock is driver-free.compatible with the latest laptops and smart devices with Type C port. TOTU docking station is incompatible with the USB-A to USB-C Adapter.
Easy Setup:Plug-and-play design enables you to have everything plugged in and docked with one plug. Simply plug in the TOTU docking station connect cable to charge your device and access external monitors & keyboard & mouse and more. Instantly transforms your laptop/tablet into a desktop PC and saves wire clutter on your desk. TOTU Dock is built to boost your productivity.
Universal Docking Solution: TOTU 16 in 1 docking station features dual 4k HDMI, DP, Ethernet, 3 5mm Audio Mic, 3 high-speed USB 3 0, 2 USB 2 0, USB-C 3 0 for Type C device expanding and charging, SD&TF Card Reader, 65W DC Power input for the docking station. USB-C port with power delivery to host with the equipped USB-C to USB-C cable. All the connections you need in a sleek compact dock. Docking and undocking is a breeze – instant switching freely
Ultra HD 4K Triple Displays: With three high-definition video output ports. Supports resolutions up to 3840*2160/30Hz with a single HDMI/DP display or 1080P if two HDMI/DP displays are attached. The TOTU docking station is a convenient way to expand the capabilities of your laptop and customize your desktop computing environment. TOTU dock enhanced productivity and entertainment options with high-speed connectivity and support for Ultra HD 4K displays.
Package Includes: TOTU Triple Display Docking Station 60W(20V 3A)DC Power Adapter(power delivery enables you to power and charge a supported system without the need for a traditional proprietary OEM charger), USB-C to USB-C cable, user manua.l TOTU offers 100% money back for quality problem within 30 days and a 12-month warranty.. See more information

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