Wedding Flowers Will Do For A Funeral: A Catholic Armchair Detective Novel (The Chronicles of Brother Thomas Book 2)

Mr. Monteblanc never saw the harpoon coming.

A scavenger hunt at the rehearsal dinner of a high-flying fashion magazine couple ends in murder when someone slaughters the Father of the Bride with a harpoon gun, of all things.

The top suspect for the crime is the victims youngest daughter, a cloistered nun. Brother Thomas and his protege Brother Francis arrive to investigate at the request of the Bishop to clear her name. But as soon as they arrive, it becomes clear that nothing is clear. The nun may not be a suspect at all, and so the reason for their summons might not be as it appears.

With more than one mystery to worry about, the Brothers must retrace the steps of all the suspects to puzzle out the over-the-top murder that no one appears to benefit from. And figure out why they’re even a part of the investigation in the first place.

The improbable ministry of the private investigator Friars returns in the second Brother Thomas mystery novel. The methodical analysis of Brother Thomas, the philosophical discussions, and apologetics from the first book all return in this engrossing sequel.

Can Brother Thomas prove the nun’s innocence? And figure out why someone would murder Mr. Monteblanc in such a brutal and unusual way on the eve of his daughter’s wedding? Read Wedding Flowers Will Do For A Funeral today and help Brother Thomas solve the mystery!

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